Art Events & Projects

September 2012 - Graz, Austria
Can a real democracy cause a jaw displacement, 10-day communal living seminar and mural. during Steirischer Herbst-Graz-2012.
The project leader Nikolay Oleynikov assambled a group of practitioners from different fields and organized temporary community. Mainly using, dialog and collective work to formulate the final artistic output.
Status: Guest Artist (participant)

June 2014 - Wien, Austria
Face to face with the monument, By and with Chto Delat Curator Wolfgang Schlag Dramaturgy Birgit Lurz.
Production Wiener Festwochen In co-operation with Hundsturm/Volkstheater Wien.
Five week long Mural led by Nikolay Oleynikov, as a major fragment of an large.
Instalation at Schwarzenbergerplatz.

Status: Guest Artist (participant)

August 2015 - Wien, Austria
"516371545" - Private art project, led by Ted Green. Fine art sequence, displaying: Mural, practical Instalations, collages and different kinds of imagery.
The project topic is concentrated in surveillance, presenting an perceptive Idea of the question ''Who Ted Green is" through examining his user output and researching his origins.

Status: Guest Artist