Image is the premier portrayal of an individual or an enterprise.
Whether it is a product service or portraiture, finest image quality is a paramount for an advanced representation and higher costumer recognition.
We are narrowly concentrated on advertising and portraiture photography.
We analyze all given issues so as to escape the mainstream imagery and provide you with classical and also highly noticeable pictures.


In the process of creating portraits we search for significant features in the person which are crucial segment in his/hers representation.
It is essential to establish bonding with the observer in order to make a great first impression.


Images are the main connection between enterprise and customer. And we recognize the importance of superior product photography.
It is about understanding the need of your company and the public appearance you want to achieve.
We will help you to show the significance of your business and highlight your brand.

Svetoslav Naydenov

I was introduced to photography since early age. Big influence came from my father and the photo journals, he made through his youth. There were my first steps in analog photography. Later on as technology would advance to a new level, I will expand my skills and knowledge, exchanging the 35mm film for digital sensor, learning how to manage light etc.

When I was seven years old I started my training in fine art at the studio of our local Master artist. In eleven years, I have learned different painting techniques, master graphic composition and define my artistic profile.

I have participated in numerous art projects and collective workshops in order to find new horizonts.

I have been active in Austria since my arrival at the fall of 2012.I enjoy challanges more than anything, I love collective working, and I am always open for new knowledge.